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Blanca Air Pistol

Picture of Blanca Air Pistol
Blanca air pistol shoots bb shots effective target range 6mts (approx) each pack contains free 200pcs bb pellets. Manufacturers's Warranty six months.

₹ 5,350.00

Blanca airpistol with target set

Picture of Blanca airpistol with target set
Blanca airpistol that shoots bb shot at a effective distance of 6mts(approx) ideal for indoor shooting as this comes with a target box along with 20pcs free paper targets and 200pcs free bb pellets (as shown in pic) Manufacturer's warrranty six months

₹ 6,250.00

commander 5.5mm HSLM-292

Picture of commander 5.5mm HSLM-292
This is an 5.5mm airpistol with a smooth bore used for indoor target practice within 10mtrs. All airpistol are sent by registered post parcel only please read our F.A.q for more details.

₹ 1,850.00

Commander/heman airpistol model boss/007

Picture of Commander/heman airpistol model boss/007
A break barrel 5.5mm air pistol effective range 6 meters

₹ 1,450.00

Heman M253 5.5 airpistol

Picture of Heman M253 5.5 airpistol
A break barrel 5.5mm airpistol. RANGE 10MTRS (APPROX) with open and back sight for better accuracy. Ideal for indoor paper target practice.

₹ 1,650.00

Heman shooting airrifle in 5.5mm [model panther]

Picture of Heman shooting airrifle in 5.5mm [model panther]
An innovative product by heman, a modified airpistol that shoots like an airrifle. range 10mtrs approx

₹ 6,000.00

The New blanca Rio (chrome) model

Picture of The New blanca Rio (chrome) model
The blanca chrome model, shoots bb pellets(4.5mm). Comes with 200 free bb pellets and 50pcs .177 pellets in a decorative wooden box. MRP 10,750/- Avail 15% discount for limited period if you book now!!!!

₹ 9,200.00