Do you sell Imported Air Rifles / Air Pistols ?

We donot deal in imported airrifles/airpistols, we only sell indian made airrifles/airpistols the details are given in the our website

Can you arrange Air Rifles/Air Pistols apart from those listed on your site ?

We only sell the one’s listed in our site.

Does Air Rifles sold by you require license ?

No airrifles/airpistols sold by us are an exempted category as mentioned in item no 1 (3) of schedule (ii) of gsr 991 of indian arms act 1959. hence no license is required

Can i use Air Rifles to shoot animal's or birds etc ?

Hunting is illegal in india and none of the products sold by us should be used against any living creature. the products sold by us are for indoor paper target practice only and not for hunting or other illegal activities.

Do you deal with second hand Air Rifles and Air Pistols ?

We only deal in new airrifles/airpistol no second hand.

What are the precautions we need to take while using the Air Rifle/Air Pistol ?

You must ensure that you donot fire the airrifle/airpistol without any pellet, as this damages the rubber washer. use standard gun oil to lubricate the airrifle/airpistol and not any cooking oil,body oil etc. never point the airrifle at any living being and ensure that the tip of the barrel is pointed at a safe direction. never keep the airrifle/airpistol spring loaded as this reduces the tension of the spring.

What is the procedure to place and order on your website ?

One needs to simply visit our website and select the product of your choice, next you can click on the shopping cart and fill up your complete address details along with pincode and contact number. within one working day of receipt of your order, we shall confirm the avaibility of the order and will request you to proceed with the payment. your ordered goods will be despatched within one working day of receipt of payments.

What is the mode of payment. can one shop with credit card or paypal ?

You can deposit cheque at our icici bank account number, or you can trans:fer the payment via net banking. we donot accept cash on delivery,credit cards, paypal or any other mode of payment.

What is the mode of transport and fright charges and when we can accept dispatch of goods ?

Our trans:porter is gati roadways, they have service in most parts of the country we shall inform you via email in case the transporter dose not have service in your area freight will be to pay if you pay the freight in advance the freight charges are rs 600/- flat rate for most places in india-door delivery ,the goods are despatch within one working day of receipt of payment and you will receive the same within 7-10 days. in some articles we send the goods via registered post parcel at the charges mentioned in our website along with the product price. the goods are despatch within one working day of receipt of payment and you will receive the same within 7-15days.

How can we contact you ?

you can contact us via email at or call us at 8961095303 mon to fri 11-6pm, saturday 11-2:30pm. No calls please no sunday and other holiday's

What do we do if the product needs to be repaired ?

You can get it repaired by a local gunsmith or send it to us at your cost for repairing. if the product is within the warranty period we will repair it for free or else at a nominal cost. Some manufacturer's arrange pick up on their own in case of any defects in their products.

How many pellets does the Air Rifle/ Air Pistol shoot at a time ?

All the airrifle/airpistol sold by us can only shoot one pellet at a time as per guidelines of govt of India.